Thursday, November 17, 2016

You Never Know What You'll Find at the Beach

Interesting finds at the cleanup: 3 disks from the Hooksett wastewater treatment plant spill on 3/6/11, a toy mermaid, toy dinosaur and a dime!
On Saturday, November 12, 52 volunteers headed out for a cleanup at Jenness Beach. At first glance, the beach appeared fairly clean, but volunteers ended up collecting over 800 pieces of litter, totaling 43 pounds!

During the cleanup, volunteers used data cards to record their findings.

The items recorded included:

2 Gloves
4 Nets/bait bags
1 Trap/pot (piece)
8 Pieces of Fishing Line
54 Pieces of rope
7 Beverage cans
9 Balloons
21 Straws
1 Syringe
33 Piles of dog waste (5 were in bags)
11 Plastic bags
3 Plastic bottles
96 Plastic bottle caps
176 Cigarette butts
12 Styrofoam cups
11 Strapping bands
190 Pieces of plastic
3.5 Hooksett disks

Some of the other items noted included a crayon, a mermaid, a dinosaur, a shotgun shell, a pen, 3 tennis balls, a pair of socks and 2 plastic knife handles.

Thanks to the volunteers from UNH Alumni, Green Team at Oyster River Schools and everyone else who joined us!


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